Welcome back to our blog page here at Nova Home Healthcare! We are the best option in Fairfax for your elderly loved one and we’re passionate about seeing aging seniors get the kind of care that they need, right in the comfort of their own home. There are so many reasons to choose Nova but one of the many is that we truly care about our clients. We want each one of our home healthcare aides to feel like a part of your family; a loving and compassionate individual who is as excited to come to your loved one’s home as you are to have them there. Nova strives to give families back their quality of life by stepping in to lend a hand no matter what the need may be. Whether your loved one requires a skilled nursing aide, speech therapy, physical therapy, post-surgery care, or anything else, contact us today to schedule a home health aide in for your loved one’s Fairfax home!

Struggling to Care for Your Elderly Loved One on Your Own

Coming to the realization that you can no longer “do it all,” can be a frustrating place at which to arrive. After all, you’re used to taking care of the bills, running errands, cleaning the house, and everything in between. When you add taking care of your aging loved one to that list, it’s no wonder many of you may feel burned out. Taking care of an elderly parent or loved one who can no longer be completely independent can be an extremely difficult thing for any family to deal with.

The care you provide is incredibly physically exhausting; you’re up early and possibly up in the night with your aging senior, you’re keeping a constant eye on them to ensure their safety, and you’re helping them with everyday tasks that they used to handle with ease. While your body is becoming worn out and tired, you’re also feeling the emotional toll that this care is taking on you; seeing someone whom you love become more fragile and frail isn’t easy.

What we often see when families either appoint multiple relatives or one individual to care for their elderly loved one is that the strain that this full-time role can put on an entire family is immense. Fights, arguments, and tension are often the result of families trying to arrange elderly care between family members.

What is the solution when you know it’s too soon for a care facility but your elderly loved one is in need of daily help?

The Answer is Home Healthcare

Imagine being able to go back to your full-time job, get all of your daily chores done, and even have time to put dinners together. When you bring in a home healthcare aide, you’re signing up to not only improve the quality of life for your aging senior, you’re choosing the best outcome for your whole family. Allowing someone else to help you out means that you’ll have more to offer your family, more to offer your job, and more time for yourself. Let’s discuss all of the benefits that you’ll enjoy from investing in home healthcare here in Fairfax.

Benefits of Home Care

Staying at Home

As, perhaps, the most obvious plus to bringing in a Nova Home healthcare aide, your elderly loved one or aging parent can enjoy all the comforts of being home. Unlike those elderly folks who live in extended care facilities, your loved one can sleep in their own bed, eat in their own kitchen, watch their own television, and stay in a place where they feel safe, secure, and content.

Enjoying Freedom

Sometimes, when an elderly person has to be moved to an extended care facility or nursing home, they’re not able to enjoy many of the freedoms that they’re still able to perform. Studies have shown that when an elderly person can take part in daily tasks and chores, they stay healthier in both body and mind. When you choose to hire a home healthcare aide, you’re allowing your elderly parent or loved one to continue doing the things around the house that they’re still able to handle. Maybe for some, that means making their own bed. Others might enjoy being able to work in the garden. When you know that someone doesn’t need the level of care that a nursing home offers, the best solution might be a home healthcare aide.

Having Visitors

When your elderly loved one is able to stay in the comfort and security of home with the assistance of a home healthcare aide, there are so many more easy and convenient perks that you’ll notice. One of them is that friends and family members can so much more easily and readily visit your aging parent. Care facilities and nursing centers often make visiting fairly difficult due to rigorous schedules, visiting hours, and the presence of roommates. With home healthcare, your elderly senior can have visitors whenever they like.

Thanks for sticking with us as we discuss the many benefits of keeping your loved one at home with a kind and compassionate home healthcare aide. Stay tuned for part two of our blog series and in the meantime, check out our website to learn about our services, read about who we are, look into our careers, or contact one of our staff members at Nova Home Healthcare today.