Injury, illness, and aging can all cause us to be confined to our homes. In any case, we can make the most of our time spent at home. After all, we’re surrounded by comforts, the food we love, a couch to read a favorite book, a cozy bed. Plus, for some of us, we can take comfort in having a pet. A furry or feathered companion can work wonders to keep us companion while we’re homebound.

If you don’t have a furry friend around the house, now may be the perfect time to get one. The benefits of furry friend are numerous!

Change Is Good

A new pet can be an enlightening change for your home. When things are quiet, a pet can keep you content and occupied. Animals are delightfully social, and when you adopt a pet, it’ll become a loyal companion.

Improve Your Mood

Animals can improve our mood. Animals are often sympathetic to our emotions, and they offer affection without asking for much more than food and a back scratch. If you’re depressed, stressed out, or frustrated about being homebound, a new furry friend may be the best “medicine.”

Play, Cuddle, & Pass the Time Together

There’s so much to do with your new companion. You can watch the birds, curl up and cuddle, play with a favorite toy, or just take a nap in the sun. Animals are outright fun, full of entertainment, and they motivate us to be active.

The Health Benefits

Pets actually provide us with some health benefits. Alongside reducing anxiety and stress, having an animal in your life can help to reduce pain, lower cholesterol, improve immunity, and lower blood pressure. Plus, having a pet around the house may reduce the risk of stroke. You can read more about the studies behind these claims from Woman’s Day’s article, 10 Health Benefits of Owning a Pet.

A Word of Caution

Take note, if you’re considering adopting an animal, it’s important to be sure that you can care for it. Pets are expensive, and they require consistent care and attention. That said, the benefits of owning an animal usually far outweigh the costs. If you can’t adopt an animal full time, be sure to ask a friend or family member to bring over their “best friend” for some social time!

Help When You Need It, Where You Need It

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