Are you intrigued by the story of a great man who survived his own career through his elderly years? We’ll continue to explore the ravages of time in part two of this blog series, and how important it is that a person at any stage in their life pursue the things that they love and that keep us young for as long as they can. Nova Home Health Care can make that pursuit easy for you and for your elderly loved ones. Together, we can provide the reliable support they need. Let’s explore how crucial support is for the elderly and any person at any age as they traverse life’s difficulties.

Churchill’s Vital Mistake

Fascinatingly enough, while Churchill pursued a political career well past what most would call customary, he found little support in the community he immersed himself in. There were many people fighting him for the position of the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and while he readily pursued a variety of creative outlets as well as challenging his mind daily he was hardly investing in the proper self-care he needed. His relationship with paint and canvas came to an abrupt end after he was presented with his portrait from the House of Lords and Parliament. They had commissioned one of the best artists in Britain to produce a full-sized portrait of Churchill and after a long interview process the artist, Graham Sutherland, produced what is widely regarded as his lost masterpiece. Churchill hated it because he saw it as a portrait of how frail and incapable he’d become when the artist had meant it as a tribute to the stresses and glory of a man on his eightieth year of existence. Though the portrait’s disappearance is attributed to Churchill’s close following death—his wife claimed she had burned it— it’s often speculated that Winston himself burnt it. He stopped painting after this blow to his ego and stopped his government pursuits as the crown pressured him to step aside.

The Conclusion

Churchill was certainly a great man, and whatever the portrait depicted, it marked an end to several things for Churchill. It marked his exit from government, a position he’d held passionately for nearly the whole of his life and his soon to be indifference in regard to creative pursuits. What it reflects really is the fact that Churchill didn’t have the proper support system that someone of such an advanced age needs. You might make the assumption that his rapid descent into mental instability and eventually his passing could be attributed to how secluded and left alone he became. Don’t let that happen to your elderly loved ones, invest in a high-quality home health agency instead.

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