Whatever your feelings are surrounding Winston Churchill’s politics or his life, you must admit that he was a great man. With a line of quotes that follow his name across the internet and another line of movies featuring famous actors interpreting the character, there seems to be a modern-day fascination with the man, especially as he aged. In fact, he’s famous for being Prime Minister of England while the country traversed sticky situations surrounding the transfer of the crown as well as the political climate around the world. He was famously sharp throughout his time in government, and even into his late eighties, when he suffered two strokes while in office. There is a variety of speculation that surrounds how Churchill, who was a notorious fan of large quantities of tobacco and alcohol, remained in such good mental health for the majority of his life. While medical professionals are loathe to make assumptions about the mental stability of a man who was recorded over 50 years ago under interesting political influences, they maintain one assertion in regard to Churchill and others like him: creativity saves the mind.

The Case for Creativity

We believe that Churchill is an excellent example of the practice of creativity extending mental stability and a certain “sharpness” into old age. If you know much about the man, you’d know that while he was a political powerhouse in his youth and old age, he also rather enjoyed painting. He was known for painting vistas of the grounds of his estate, especially a lake outside of his workshop that he had dug and filled in honor of his son who passed away as a child. Many psychologists today claim that Winston remained so astute so far into his old age and effectively warded off his symptoms of stroke and other issues that he was experiencing due to his creatively active mind. In fact, psychologists today are currently studying the links between an aging brain and preserving it with creative pursuits.

The Modern Science

The links between creativity putting a stop to an aging brain all stems from the rush of dopamine creative pursuits provide. That rush of feel-good feelings you get when you put pen to paper or brush to paint? That’s the happy chemical your brain naturally produces that goes by the name of dopamine. It’s what causes depression in adults who have dopamine deficiencies as well as a variety of other issues, but most importantly, it prevents the brain from shrinking.

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